Wonderlust bistro and bakery.

For the English peeps out there.

So, earlier this year a bakery/bistro opened up in central Oldham, about 8 miles outside of Manchester, and I had no idea about it. Which makes it even worse because once I went there and saw ALL THE BROWNIES I felt kind of bad for this lack of knowledge and initiative. However, fate brought me to it and I couldn’t be happier!

While looking for cafes around the area trying to find someplace new to visit, I came across this bistro/bakery and I must admit, that the menu caught my eye, especially that Philly Cheesesteak sandwich thingy. I know it’s not chocolate related but bear with me.

Thinking about what to have for lunch with the family, the road brought us to an english chippy nearby and after finishing a gigantic crispy and delicious fish, I thought “why not go for a hot chocolate to that place we saw the other day?”. We looked it up and it was about a mile up the road so off to the car we went and 7 minutes later we ended up in the middle of nowhere looking at something that resembled a fair playground mixed with some weird old 90s garden decorations. Despite the surprise, all the signs were pretty conclusive: we were where we were supposed to be.

Gathering our strength and dragging our feet as we were still full from lunch, we entered the place and I can honestly say that when comparing the inside of the place with its outside, it’s like night and day. We entered an extremely modern bistro and while waiting to be seated my eyes caught the following:

Food! And especially chocolate. And even more especially, brownies of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Yep. I was in my element 😄. The whole plan of getting just a hot chocolate went down the drain and the whole “I’m feeling full” feeling just passed and some new space opened up in my stomach ready to be filled in with one of those beauties.

Although I did order a hot chocolate since that what the reason we went there in the first place, anyway. But fate was once again on my side! Turns out they don’t just do simple hot chocolate, but they have some extra special luxurious ones that caught my eye in the menu. It was a little bit more expensive but damn that thing was totally worth it.

I order Lindor Hot Chocolate and it was actually made with proper Lindor milk chocolate truffles and it was so good I was struggling to find ways to describe it. There was a really rich layer of chocolate on the top hiding the tasty, delicious and as sweet as it should be hot chocolate underneath it.

Next on the menu would obviously had to be one of the brownies. After a couple of insightful chats for me, but probably annoying for the extremely polite staff because I kept going back with questions, I decided to get the nutella brownie. A substantial piece of fudgy goodness, with nutella spread on the top. Dear me, that was delicious. Take a look at this beauty.

To be honest, it was richer than I thought and I was already full from my lunch but I gave it my best shot. It might not be the best for someone that’s not into chocolate as much as I am so if you are one of these weird people you might want to go for something less chocolatey. Needless to say though, that the leftover thing went into a takeaway box and it will be properly finished during breakfast tomorrow.

Yes, brownie for breakfast, I don’t understand the look on your face.

My wife got a Hot Fudgy Brownie and even thought it looked like chocolate vomit (to be fair, if she had taken the ice cream with it, there would probably be a scoop of ice cream on the top which would make it look a bit nicer) it didn’t taste like one. In fact, if you take out the melted chocolate from the top (because it does make it extremely rich) it was one of the best brownies ever. Take a look at the pictures below but don’t judge a book by each cover. Go there, eat it, and thank me later.

Other options include brownies with Ferrero Rocher, with Kinder, more Nutella, cheesecake (I think) and much, much more! Definitely worth a second visit and that will probably be sometime soon.

The only downside I can think of is that it’s pretty hidden so if you don’t know where it is, the chances of randomly spotting it while driving or walking are slim to none. Nonetheless, it’s a (hidden) gem that definitely deserves a visit and a bit more coverage.

You can find it at West End, Library Lane, Oldham, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, OL9 6DZ. Check it out here as well: Facebook, Instagram.

Wait for us, we’ll be back 😁 For the chocolate reviews there usually is an editor’s rating at the end of each review but don’t really know what to put here. If I had to give it a rating out of 10, I’d probably give it the following: YES.

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